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Do not you see the web in the language you expected?

This web will show by default in the main language you have configured in your browser, as far as there is a corresponding language version available in the web site. The main language is usually the same as the browser interface one. However, you may change the preference order manually. In Firefox 2, click Choose... button in Languages section within General tab of Advanced panel. You may reach there:

  • GNU/Linux: Edit > Preferences
  • Windows: Tools > Options
  • Mac OS X: Firefox > Preferences
Langues web

There you may add the languages in which you would like web pages to be shown, and order them according to your preferences. If one website is not available in the first preferred language, the second one will be checked, and so on.

On the other hand, you can always view the web site in the language you may prefer from the list of available languages, which may be selected from the links in the bottom of the page.