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Closed inscriptions

We have to regret to communicate you that we have closed the inscriptions in the party for attendance capacity limitations that have overcome our forecasts. You can try to come, but we cannot warrant your access if we have to limit it after surpassing the building capacity.
We remind you that inscriptions have been individual.
We would like to thank your interest so that Firefox 2 launch party become a real success. Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt or question.

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Last inscriptions

  • Xavier Santana
  • Nil Oriol
  • Sandra Vilalta
  • Xavier Pereta
  • Rosa Garrigó
  • Carles Reixach
  • Francesc Giró i Rufino
  • Hector Alvarez
  • Silvia Cortada Antona
  • zitnia nit
  • Jose Gines Hernandez Galindo
  • Oriol Grima Moral
  • Pilar Segura Rosillo